Tourist Places in Panaji, Goa : Places Around Panaji

Tourism in Goa : Places Around Panaji

Places Around Panaji Shri Navdurga at Madkai

Shri Navdurga at Madkai is at a distance of 28 kilometer from Panaji. It has the annual Zatra held in the month of November.

Shri Ramnath

Shri Ramnath is at a distance of 33 kilometer from Panaji. It is in Ponda Taluka. It has four small temples of Shri Sidhanath, Shri Betal, Shri Laxminarayan and Shri Shantadurga and a main shrine of the Ramanath deity. In all the five constitute Shri Ramnath Panchayatan. There is a legend in mythology, which tells Rameshwar is the main and original Lord Ramnath abode.

Shri Kamakshi Saunsthan


Shiroda is at a distance of 40 kilometer from Panaji. Shri Kamakshi was brought from Kaurang or Kanchi is said by some mythology.

Temple of Shri Mahadeo at Tambdi Surla

Temple of Shri Mahadeo is at a distance of 66 kilometer from Panaji and it is located in Sanguem Taluka. It is situated at the foot of the Ghats and it is the specimen of architecture of 13th century by Kadamba-Yadava. This temple was built in basalt stone. There is a road for vehicles which connects Sancordem and the temple.

Shri Vithal Mandir

Shri Vithal mandir is located at the distance of 41 kilometer from Panaji and it is located at Vithalwadi, Sanquelim. The ancestral God of 'Ranes' is Vitthal and they had put up a long and worth memorable resistance to Portuguese rule. Here the festival is celebrating din the Marathi month Chaitri that is in the month of April.

Rudreshwar Temple at Harvalem

Rudreshwar temple is situated in Bicholim Taluka and it is 45 kilometer away from Panaji. This temple is at a distance of half a kilometer from Harvalem rock-cut caves and here the ancient Rudreshwar linga is venerated. There are the idyllic Harvalem waterfalls very close from the temple. Also image of Rudreshwar is facing towards waterfall. On the day of Mahashivaratri festival, many devotees get together and celebrate it here. This temple is also having the importance for the Hindus, as rites for the dead are also performed here.

Shri Saptakoteshwar

Shri Saptakoteshwar is at a distance of 37 kilometer from Panaji at Narve-Bicholim. It was a very favorite deity of Kadamba kings. It has the original temple located in island of Diwar. After the destruction of that temple by the Portuguese, the idol was moved to this place at Narve.

In 1668 AD after so many years Chatrapati Shivaji renovated this temple during his campaigns to oust the Portuguese and now the temple is in the same condition from those days. There is a linga worshipped in the temple and it is multifaceted, so known as Dharalinga.

Brahma Temple

Brahma temple is at a distance of 7 kilometer from Valpoi and very near to Panaji. It is a village of Brahma Carambolim, and have few temples dedicated to God Brahma. There is a shrine, which belongs to 5th century AD.

The Mandovi-Zuari Estuary

Mandovi-Zuari Estuary is from the some remaining and it is the important mangrove complexes in India. Though it is of size less than 20 hectares, it is the main place hosting migratory birds and animals like bats, marsh crocodiles, jackals and water snakes.

Chorao Island and Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

Chorao Island and Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is located on the confluence of the rivers Mapusa and Mandovi. It is just opposite to the Panaji. The bird sanctuary is at a distance of just 2 square kilometer along the Mandovi River, on the west tip of the island. The mangrove forests are the protective habitat of many birds like crocodiles, turtles, jackals and flying foxes.