Ambagad and Anjanvel (Gopalgad)

Forts in Maharashtra

Ambagad Fort

The flagship of ancient glorious Devgadh Empire, Ambagadh fort is one of the famous sites from Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. Fort is located near Tumsar city of the Bhandara district. The medieval construction of the fort is grand as well as very unique. It was built in 1700 AD by the Raja Khan Pathan, the subhead of Devgadh ruler, Bakth Buland Shah. Succeeded rulers Raghuji Bhosale and British one after another had also maintained the glory of the fort.

From Bhandara which is good for the transportation, is connected to the Fort by various means road, train. And from the Tumasar city, it is only 13 km away.

Anjanvel (Gopalgad) Fort

One of the sea forts with great bastion around, the Anjanvel (Gopalgad) is full of scenic beauty. Located in the Anjanvel village near Guhagar in Ratnagiri District, on the shore of Arabian Sea, fort is carried with twelve Buruj. Two small yet attractive temples and the lighthouse on the top of it, are the site to enjoy the nature fully as from the lighthouse you can view the beauty of the sea and rivers downhill at the Guhagarh. It is the great hill for trekkers with challenging routes to reach at the fort.

History - The Bijapur ruler constructed the center of the fort in 16th century, which later covered by Maratha Warrior Raja Shivaji. Over the time it was built by various rulers Maratha Tulogi Angre, Peshawa and then British.

Scenic beauty of the Anjanvel Fort -

Anjanvel(Gopalgad) Fort Picture 01 Anjanvel(Gopalgad) Fort Picture 02