Mulher Fort

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Mulher Fort

The Mulher fort is located in the Nasik District. The base village of the fort is Mulher. The height of this fort is 4300 feet. In ancient times, Mulher village is located around the fort. But now this village is lies at the base and 2 km away from the fort. The another name of this village was Ratnapur that is in Mahabaratha. In the period of Mayurdhwaj, this village was under the control of him and hence the name of village was Mayurpur. The fort was constructed by Bagul dynasty. The period of Bagul dynasty was from 1308 to 1619.

In 1638, the Mughal won this fort. And then name of this fort changed to Aurangagad. After that Marathas in 1671 tried to capture it. Then in the period of Shivaji Maharaj, the fort was successfully captured with other fort name Salher fort. And finally this fort again captured by Mughals.


The fort is mainly divided into two parts. Out of which the temple of Lord Ganash is on the Mulher Machi. And Balekilla is the another part. There are two ways from Ganesh mandir. Out of which left one leads to Someshwar Mandir. In this route one can also able to see three stoney well known as Chandan Bav. Moti tank is another attraction and is located at backside of this Someshwar temple. The water of this Moti tank is drinkable. There are remains of Rajwada on the plateau. Also there is a temple of Ram-Laxman. One can able to see other forts such as Mangi-tungi, Tambolya, Hanumangad from the top of the fort.

How to reach there:

As Nasik is well connected by all important cities there is no problem to reach at Nasik. The distance between Nasik and Mulher is not so far. There are number of buses are available from Mumbai and also from Pune to Nasik.

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