Narnala Fort

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Narnala Fort

Narnala fort Narnala fort is located in Akola District. The fort is at the 18 km away from the Akot town which is a taluka place. The height of this fort is about 973 meters above sea level. The Narnala fort consists of three distinct forts. This Narnala fort is at the centre, Jafarabad is at the north-east, and Teliagarh is at the south-west. The fort was repaired by Ahmed Shah Bahamani in 1425. In 1487, the fort was captured by Fateh-ullah Imad-ul-Mulk. After that the fort was captured by Persoji Bhosale 1st in 1701. After that the fort remains under the control of Marathas till 1803. In 1803 British captured this fort. Here is the beautiful picture of Narnala fort. This picture is of main door that is entrance of the fort.

Points of Attraction:

This Narnala fort is protected by thick wall which is 9 meters high with 67 bastion and six large gates. The gate of this fort which name is Mahakali was built by Fateh-ullah Imad-ul-Mulk in 1487. There is one white sandstone gateway. On this gateway there is a inscription on it. The main feature of this fort is that the overhanging balconied windows, two on either side. Also there are number of water tanks and cisterns within the fort. Large cannon known as nau-gazi, a baradari, a mosque and other buildings are on the top of the fort. But all these things are not in good condition.

How to go there:

Akola is District place and well connected by train, road, and air. So there is no problem to reach there. The fort is at the distance of 18 km away from the Akot which is Taluka place. The accommodation facility is available in the Akola city. One day is sufficient to visit this fort.