Vajragad, Yeshwantgad Forts

Forts in Maharashtra

Forts in Maharashtra : Vajragad, Yeshwantgad

  • Vajragad

    Also identified as Rudramal fort.

    'Vajra' means rock. Actually on fort, there are huge and solid rocks. There is one very popular temple of 'Vajra Hanumaan', therefore the fort is called "Vajragad".

    It is about 4444ft (1355 m) high from the sea level. Vajragad is close to to Pune (nearly 30-35 Kms).
    Its mythological title is 'Indraneel Parvat'. As per the Hindu tradition, when Lord Hanumaan tried to carry the 'Dronagiri' mountain, a part of it fallen down from his hands and formed 'Indraneel Parvat'. One more temple is there called Siva Temple in a base village of this fort.

    Vajragad Fort, Forts in India

  • Yeshwantgad

    Height : 16.38'-73.20'

    This fort is built on a north bank of Rajapur creek, quite close to the sea which was on its south direction. The remaining 3-sides were previously protected by the ditch which has died out.

    Wall with a seventeen bastions was the major fortification. Now its walls are in damaged condition.